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GesherEU News

Hackney publish Investigation into unregistered educational settings

In preparation for its meeting on Monday15 January 2018, the Children and Young People Scrutiny Commission published its report last Friday. You can read our response here

On the BBC Sunday programme, Chris Kennedy, chair of Hackney Council’s Children and Young People’s Scrutiny Commission gave an interview which you can hear here.

Healthy Relationship Workshops

Professionals ran two workshops for members enabling participants to discuss relationship issues in a safe environment, to examine personal interactions and develop confidence and self esteem.

Read what one of the participants wrote here.

Manchester Transgender Judgment - GesherEU Press Release

Following the publication of the Judgment in the case where the transgender father sought face to face contact with his children that still reside in the North Manchester ultra-orthodox Jewish community, GesherEU published the following press release.

The Stamford Hill £1m fund raising event

In August 2016 a fund raising even in Stamford Hill aimed to raise £1m to enable the Charedi community fight legal cases where they think children are at risk of being removed from the community by one of their parents. See Jewish Chronical Report. Despite this, recently released Family Court Judgments show that the Judge expects the Charedi community to support the children "to understand that they will inevitably have these different experiences in their lives with their father [who has left the community] and to be accepting rather than rejecting as a consequence. They need the [Charedi] community to recognise and acknowledge the importance of their father's role in their lives".

Our Specialist Volunteers

We have the services of a social worker with experience within the family court system and family solicitors in London and Manchester with whom members can talk informally.


Freedom. A word that describes breaking free, finding your own power and being true to yourself. Today we celebrated this feat.As we come to the end of the #day_of_choice we are reflecting over the journey our members have been on and the communities that have been created around the world to welcome and support everyone on this path.This day has held a lot of meaning and power, just an ordinary day where we recognise how extraordinary it is for us to be living our lives so different than what was intended for us. We comemorated this day by celebrating the joy of freedom that is right there: a regular day of being true to ourselves, of being free. ... See MoreSee Less

8 months ago  ·  

8 months ago  ·  

Todays the day! Its the first #day_of_choice which is an international day supporting and celebrating those who have chosen to leave the ultra-orthodox world.#day_of_choice #YotzimWithoutBorders #yomhabechiraיוצאים לשינוי Mavar Besht Berlin Footsteps Freidom Yaffed Pathways Melbourne Israel Hillel ... See MoreSee Less

8 months ago  ·  

We are excited to be to be part of a wonderful new initiative from יוצאים לשינוי. The Day of Choice is on October 27. Details to follow! #day_of_choiceGesherEU members are invited to join us for a walking tour this Sunday 24th October looking at the many statues and public spaces in London. Get in touch for details. ... See MoreSee Less

8 months ago  ·  

As the lockdown continues, we continue our weekly meet-ups on Zoom, featuring our own talents, guest speakers, gaming nights and more. Join us tomorrow night for Quiz night! ... See MoreSee Less

2 years ago  ·  

The Netflix series Unorthodox continues to attract attention. We have just posted another review on our website by Miriam who gives a very personal take on the series. Read it now:https://geshereu.org.uk/members-stories/… ... See MoreSee Less

2 years ago  ·