Here is how your donation could be spent –

  • £10 – a travel card to enable a member to attend one GesherEU social
  • £25 – the travel and entrance fee to a museum or art gallery to broaden the member’s horizons
  • £50 – one week’s emergency food supply for a member who is homeless
  • £60 – one night in emergency housing for a member who is homeless
  • £100 – one member’s participation in the GesherEU community-building weekend away
  • £150 – the food costs of the members’ communal Shabbat or Yom Tov meal
  • £250 – annual cost to keep the GesherEU website updated
  • £400 – the cost of one GCSE course

Making a donation is simple and quick and you can gift aid your donation online without sending us a gift aid form.
We use Raise-Your-Profile NowDonate. This service is run as a charitable activity and takes no commission (unlike most other online donation systems), ensuring we can put 100% of your donation to good use.

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