GesherEU’s Annual Weekend Away 2024

When GesherEU members got together for our annual retreat, earlier this month, it was an weekend to remember. 

The event saw 44 adults and children spend three nights in a converted old pub in the Peak District, from 9th to 12th February. 

Highlights included long hikes through the surrounding countryside, where remnants of snowfall were still visible, as well as arts and crafts, a talent show, karaoke and dance, and games including table football. 

Members, new and old, got to know each other or caught up, sharing experiences and building a sense of community. 

“It was an opportunity to have fun, to feel accepted and to connect,” said GesherEU community coordinator, Moishy Wajnsztok. “Many members said it felt like they were with family.”

All meals were home cooked and rated “five stars”, with member Motti taking charge of the kitchen and serving up everything from shakshuka and guacamole to cholent, shepherd’s pie and roasted vegetables. There were also plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, and a special meal of dumplings to mark Chinese New Year.

The weekend also gave some members a chance to play the hero, when one young family took a wrong turn in their car and found themselves stranded on a desolate, muddy track in thick, freezing fog. “There was no way that the kids could walk out of there, and the emergency services said they couldn’t help,” said Moishy. “So, in the end, about 10 of us managed to push the car out of the mud ourselves. The police were very impressed. It’s a great example of our community spirit.”

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