Day of Choice 2023

The international Day of Choice is an annual event, which takes place every 27th October, to raise awareness of the issues facing people who leave ultra-Orthodox communities across the world. 

GesherEU is part of a global movement for change. Together with our sister organisations in the US, Europe, Israel and Australia, we want to ensure that everyone who leaves gets the social, emotional, educational and practical support they need to live a life of their choosing, despite the many obstacles they face. We also campaign for societal and legislative change. 

The terrible events in Israel mean that, this year, our celebrations are muted, but we feel it is still important to mark the day.

For the Day of Choice 2023, we have made a short film explaining what we do and celebrating the achievements of our members. We will be showing this film at a future event for members, and at screenings for the wider community and funders.

Thank you to Motti, Moishy, Chaim and Sarah for taking part in our documentary.

Thank you to Turquoise TV for producing the film.

Day of Choice website:

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