Review of Netflix Mini Series – Unorthodox

“אונז האבען אלע אונזערע לאגיג’עס” “Unz hobben alle unzere luggages” (we have all of our luggage) (Yanky on the phone with his mother from the Berlin airport).   Well, you don’t get more authentic than that. The mix of Yiddish and English, the projection of Yiddish rules on an English word (luggage), all seasoned with […]

Tonight I had an unusual experience …

Tonight I had an unusual experience. I went to the theatre to watch Fiddler on the Roof. For me going to the theatre is not unusual. I have been to the theatre before. I have been OTD for over 7 years now – going to the West End and enjoying a night out is not […]

On the Eve of Making Aliyah

A Letter to the GesherEU Community Thank you so much for all your kind and heart warming wishes and for your lovely gift. I feel very emotional at this time and apologise for the long letter that I am writing to you. I just want to thank you for being such a crucial part of […]

Healthy Relationship Workshops

I recently attended the Healthy Relationship Workshops that GesherEU ran. Having been OTD all my life on the inside has affected how I develop relationships, friendships and love.  Additionally, transitioning into a world where I belong has been a soul defining time for me. It has however been difficult to recalibrate and fine tune my […]

The Mathematician’s Story.

That probably would have been the first word I used to describe myself only two or three years ago. Isolated, because the people I spent most of my time with were fully immersed in a culture I was just beginning to discover. Isolated, because the people I had grown up with understood me so little, […]

Heading On The Derech….

As a woman who is going along the journey of leaving it all behind to a ‘better life’ or better yet the real ‘Gan Eden’ together with my beautiful children I would like to share with my readers some of my insights I have gotten as we cross the ‘bridge’ and  ’go off the derech’ […]

First impressions

My first encounter with GesherEU was at Limmud 2014. In little more than two short months, my eyes have been opened to a world on my doorstep that remains hidden from the majority of Jews right here in London and indeed across the UK and Europe. This world is the Chasidic communities that many hold […]

Jewish marriage in the modern age

Thinking hard about the nature of the Jewish wedding ceremony can be a disturbing undertaking. As soon as we do so, we discover a dissonance between how we may conceptualise relationships between men and women and how they were understood by the Tanach and the rabbinic tradition. Early sources describe a world of relationships that […]