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A Night to Remember

When Emily Green had an idea to create a support group for people who, like her, felt isolated after leaving the Charred community, she did not foresee just how successful it would become.  “I knew I was groping in the dark,” she says, “But I was determined that no one would go through this journey […]


A Family Seder With a Difference

Last week, on the first night of Passover, 25 GesherEU members got together to celebrate a special Seder.  Founder Emily Green welcomed members to her home to enjoy a traditional  – but non-religious and informal – Passover meal, with Matzah, bitter herbs and salt water. Guests brought tasty dishes to share, and everyone chatted and […]


GesherEU’s Annual Weekend Away 2024

When GesherEU members got together for our annual retreat, earlier this month, it was an weekend to remember.  The event saw 44 adults and children spend three nights in a converted old pub in the Peak District, from 9th to 12th February.  Highlights included long hikes through the surrounding countryside, where remnants of snowfall were […]


Following in her Footsteps

Chavie Weisberger is the Director of Community Engagement at Footsteps, GesherEU’s American sister organisation. We spoke to her about her life, her role and what our organisations can learn from each other. When Chavie Weisberger came over to the UK to visit GesherEU in the summer of 2023, she hoped to find fresh energy and […]


GesherEU’s 2023 Year in Review

2023 has been an exciting year for GesherEU. This is what we’ve been up to…


Learning Times Tables at 23

When people come to GesherEU, they often have very little secular education. We find out how the charity and its partners help members to achieve their potential. Most children in the UK learn their times tables when they are seven. But GesherEU member Pini, now 23, has only just learned them. That’s because, like many […]


Day of Choice 2023

The international Day of Choice is an annual event, which takes place every 27th October, to raise awareness of the issues facing people who leave ultra-Orthodox communities across the world.  GesherEU is part of a global movement for change. Together with our sister organisations in the US, Europe, Israel and Australia, we want to ensure […]


Q&A with Vicky Jones

Vicky Jones has been GesherEU’s Welfare Officer since October 2022. We asked her to tell us more about herself and what she does. Tell us about yourself and what you did before you came to GesherEU I live in East London, with my partner, my stepson and my cat. I grew up in Bournemouth, a […]


How I Escaped from a Golden Prison

Moishy* name changed* is 28. He left the Hasidic community three years ago. “Growing up in Stamford Hill, I used to see non-Jews walking through, in their jeans and t-shirts, or riding on their bicycles by the River Lea. For me, they represented something grounded and real – something I was very attracted to. My […]


“It’s always worse than you realised” – Review of Unorthodox

My perspective is as a woman who grew up and lived in a similar Chasidic community for the first forty years of my life, who was driven out of the community for going against their rules, and whose relationship with my five children was destroyed as a result. I thought the Netflix series Unorthodox was […]