About GesherEU

People from Jewish ultra-orthodox and Chasidic communities who choose to enter mainstream society, do so as “new immigrants”. They face cultural disorientation and isolation.  They lack the practical knowledge and skills needed to function independently in a totally new environment.

GesherEU provides support and assistance to men and women who have decided to make this difficult transition.  We offer social support as well as advice on educational and vocational opportunities.

We are based in North London with a chapter in Manchester and we have members across the UK and Europe.

Above all, GesherEU provides the first steps to building a new community of friends, both ex-charedi and from the wider community.

GesherEU does not encourage people to leave the Charedi community.  It supports those who are in the process of leaving or who have left the Charedi community and wish to enter mainstream life.

“Gesher has been amazing. Living a frum (religious) life but really no longer able to believe in it or feel comfortable in my closed community made me feel like I was suffocating. Then I found Gesher and I suddenly felt there was hope for me.”

Chaim C, Stamford Hill

“Before I found GesherEU I felt alone, isolated and felt I had no way out of the life I was trapped in. Meeting with others and gaining support from people who think the same as I do has made my life worth living again.”

Chani B, Stamford Hill